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Energy HealingEnergy Healing

Energy Healing

With the help of different holistic techniques we aid the body to return to its natural balance. We scan your body looking for the root imbalance creating the discomfort you are experiencing and we release it, readjusting the natural flow of energy within the self. 

This therapy can be done via distance – meaning you will not need to have physical contact with me, instead you can: a.) choose to have the session via a phone call or b.) you can meditate or relax during the course of the therapy. In both cases, I will check in just before the session and follow up with a post therapy report thereafter. 

I am always in touch with my patients and I am always available to answer any questions or concerns.  If you would like me to provide more information on this, please reach out to me on our dedicated Whatsapp line or via email. As always, we welcome you with love to Asa Healing.

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