Corrects pH imbalances within organisms in the body. When the pH of an organ or physiological system is balanced, it creates an environment that eliminates pathogens. 

The body is able to communicate imbalances via discomfort or pathogens that present itself in other forms such as intoxications, viruses, bacterias and other physical ailments such as aches and pains. Recurrences of these indicate an imbalance. Once I have established your current physical state of being, I will begin scanning your body to locate the root cause of an imbalance within the body. As an example, physical pain or discomfort located in the kidneys could be linked to an imbalance within the foot. Once established, I begin locating related imbalances – identifying key points within the body that require the placement of a magnet pair. The pairs in tandem provide balance to the imbalances identified. 

This therapy can be done via distance – meaning you will not need to have physical contact with me, instead you can:

a.) choose to have the session via a phone call or

b.) you can meditate or relax during the course of the therapy. In both cases, I will check in just before the session and follow up with a post therapy report thereafter.

“I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to provide more information on this offering, please reach out to my dedicated Whatsapp line or email. As always, we welcome you with love.”