Way has helped me heal stage 4 endometriosis with the use of Biomagnetic and Bioenergetic therapy. To date, I still continue therapies with her and the results are unmatched. Thank you! Shivari S
I always feel relaxed, peaceful and better when I do therapies with Way. She always makes me feel comfortable. Adrian L. (6 Years Old)
The times I have taken therapy with Way I felt an instant relief that gradually increases to a point where it completely heals me. It’s a therapy that not just heals the body but also heals the soul. The post therapy report helps you understand what she worked on and where the physical ailment originates. A very professional therapist, I highly recommend her. Ilse C.
Despite being a skeptical person, I decided to give holistic therapy with Way a try and I was quite surprised by the progress and everything that I was able to improve in my day to day. Problems that I did not know I had were stagnant and now I see how they advance. Wounds that I did not identify as such are also healing. Nancy L.
I have suffered severe pain in my leg from an operation many years ago. Cold weather and winters had me in tears, until I was given biomagnetic therapy by Way. A year and a half later, pain free, like it never happened! Venilla S.

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